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"Shake That Thing" is a tour-de-force performance by Alex Mendham and His Orchestra.


A blazing instrumental and an anthem of the Jazz Age, "Shake That Thing" is done in the style of the hot West-Coast dance bands of California and is a feature for their star slap bass player Tom Wheatley.


Originally recorded in 1926 by the band in residence at the Cocoanut Grove, led by Abe Lyman - this vinyl 78 captures the original frantic spirit but the Mendham Orchestra adds it's own hard-hitting edge.


Pressed in a limited run of just 300 copies, this luxury double sided 78 rpm record features rich hi-fidelity sound and is presented in a beautiful original art deco sleeve.


On the flip side is another equally legendary track from the Cocoanut Grove. Alex Mendham swoops in for the vocal on the exceptionally hot "One More Time".


All copies of the record include a complimentary download of the two selections so you can enjoy the music even if you don't have a turntable or wish to keep the record as a souvenir.


Customers in the United States and Canada: Please order this record directly from the Rivermont Records website to save on postage.


NOTE: This 10-inch audiophile-grade 78 rpm vinyl record was mastered and pressed using DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) technology for superb audio fidelity. It is a stereo microgroove record intended for use on turntables equipped with light-weight stereo pickups and is not suitable for use with antique wind-up phonographs.

Shake That Thing! - Vinyl 78RPM Record

  • 1.    Shake That Thing!

    2.    One More Time

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