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FASCINATIN' RHYTHM - Digital Album Download


“One of the joys in appreciating classic popular music is derived from the welcome discovery of new interpretations of such songs, whether familiar or obscure, sometimes by a young musical mind.  When they're given a fresh suit of clothes by someone as intrepid as Alex Mendham the result can be revelatory.


His arrangements and deft evocation of the past does not obscure the fresh playful approach to the material. His spot on, pitch perfect vocalizations might sound tossed off in their ease, but are quite the opposite. The vigour of his band is "today". It is proof that what is good survives the ravages of time. Enjoy this cornucopia of Gershwin, Burton Lane, Eubie Blake, Jimmy McHugh, James P. Johnson and their compatriots. Wherever they may repose, they're tapping their toes!” - Michael Feinstein


Fascinatin’ Rhythm, the latest album from Alex Mendham & His Orchestra will beguile and charm with melodies and stories of a forgotten era, rekindled for the first time in a century to provide the score for a new Golden Age.  

Fascinatin' Rhythm - Digital Album

  • Lossless FLAC and 320kbp MP3 versions are provided.

  • 1. Fascinatin' Rhythm
    2. Limehouse Blues
    3. The Charleston
    4. You're All The World To Me
    5. The Mooche
    6. Runnin' Wild
    7. From Monday On
    8. Pop Goes Your Heart
    9. Jealousy
    10. Better Think Twice
    11. I Wouldn't Change You For The World
    12. Doin' The New Lowdown
    13. Stars Fell On Alabama
    14. There's Nothing Too Good For My Baby
    15. Won't You Stay For Tea
    16. When Day Is Done
    17. I'll See You In My Dreams

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