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Fascinatin' Rhythm - The Premiere | Join us on October 1st at Conway Hall, London

You are cordially invited

to embark on a romantic journey to Old Shanghai and Star-studded Hollywood with the wonderful Mr Alex Mendham & His Orchestra as they assemble for the live premiere of their brand new creation, the eagerly anticipated album “Fascinatin’ Rhythm”.

As evening descends on the regal Conway Hall, the virtuosic 11-piece orchestra will beguile and charm with enchanting melodies and stories of a forgotten era, rekindled for the first time in a century to provide a foot-tapping score for the new Golden Age. This extravaganza is your one way ticket to a beautiful, glamorous way of life as maestro Mr Mendham strikes up the famed band for an evening of pure romance and hot rhythms that will resonate in your heart for a lifetime. Ladies, look resplendent as you arrive on the red carpet in that gorgeous 1930s silk evening dress; gentlemen brush down that black tie for a night of sartorial elegance. Celebrate with the orchestra at their champagne afterparty or simply luxuriate in the dazzling melodies of a show soon to become a music legend.


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