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Alex Mendham & His Orchestra Recording Session for Ukraine

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Dear Friends and fans of the Alex Mendham Orchestra, I'm sure you are all following the news as I am with a mixture of terror and frustration at feeling like there isn't much there is we can do. I've been ruminating on this for a while, and with the deteriorating situation I feel that now is the time for the band to take action. In the past we've done fundraisers to record our albums. This time we are doing something different. All of the musicians in the orchestra, and the recording studio are donating their services free of charge.

We are aiming to raise £10,000 + with every penny to go to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal - The UK government will match this pound for pound. As a result we would be donating £20,000 to the war relief - a serious amount of money that would make a difference.

We won't be pressing copies of these recordings, rather we would make them publicly available for free.

The band is sounding good and we have a lot of great new arrangements. I want to stress this is not a PR stunt, rather the only way we can conceive of getting a decent amount of money together for the war relief. If you enjoy our music and want to help this important cause, please donate whatever you can afford (we know that we are already feeling the pinch after the pandemic) but every penny will count. Stay safe, be well and stand together for Ukraine.

Love, Alex


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