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Mesmerised from a young age by the music of a forgotten time, Essex-born musician, singer, and lyricist Alex Mendham made a name for himself, having burst onto the scene by forming his own orchestra at the tender age of just 20 (and refusing to slow down ever since!). 
Alex Mendham spent his youth studying the saxophone and meeting the last surviving dance band musicians from the golden era, living links to the past, including the virtuoso Al Gallodoro, a star of 1920s Paul Whiteman fame. He also spent several years as protégé to Bob Wilber, himself a student of Sidney Bechet.
After the initial performances with his Orchestra, Alex soon realised what was needed was an authentic vocalist and frontman. He exchanged the saxophone for a conductor's baton and the rest as they say - is history. 

Alex Mendham in white tie
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